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Packing Line Conveyor

To answer the needs of Pharma Industry all across the globe, Accura presents, packing and filling line conveyor systems of various types. The systems are fully made out of stainless steel and mostly customised as per client’s requirements. Accura is well known for designing and executing conveyor systems for complete packing and/or filling lines.

Special Features:

  • 2mm thick, PU coated Green / Black colour belt
  • Robust tubular structure
  • Sturdy tables, ideal for packing activity
  • Easy control panel
  • VFD for speed control
  • Structural frame/body/pulleys/ rollers, fully made out of SS 304
  • Easy to operate, user friendly
  • Compliance with cGMP
  • Maintenance-free design enables almost no down time
Model No. Conveyor Length Side Table / Conveyor Size Motor Capacity
APPPKG-6 6 Feet 250 / 300 0.5 HP
APPPKG-8 8 Feet 250 / 300 0.5 HP
APPPKG-10 10 Feet 250 / 300 0.5 HP
APPPKG-15 15 Feet 250 / 300 1.0 HP
APPPKG-20 20 Feet 250 / 300 1.0 HP
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Accura wants to sell high quality products
& after sales services at most competitive
price to the demanding customers,
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