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Label Counting Machine Standard Model

The Label Counting Machine, the tedious manual counting and dispensing of product labels need no further be done in the Pharma Industry. The machine complies with the cGMP norms. Optimum accuracy and proper accountability can be achieved in minutes, owing to the simplified features of the machine without a skilled operator.

Special Features

  • High speed with a capacity of counting up to 1500 - 2000 labels per minute
  • 7 inches HMI provided for control panel
  • Ability to count pre-determined label quantity
  • Print out facility to maintain records of exact counted labels
  • Compliance with cGMP
  • Compact and sturdy structure
  • Simple controls for ease of operation
  • Model No. AP-LCMP(HMI based)
  • Power Supply 220 V,50 Hz AC Single Phase
  • Motor 1/2 HP 3 Phase 220V AC
  • Drive 0.4 KW / 220 V AC Drive
  • Clutches 24V DC
  • Sensors Fork Sensors 10-30 VDC, NPN
  • Output Capacity Up to 1500 Labels / Min
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