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Deblistering Machine DeFoil

DeFoil AUTOMATIC - the de-blistering machine, offers efficient recovery of valuable product (tablets and capsules), from all types of rejected blister packs. The ease of changeover guarantees minimum downtime and the sophistication enables adaptation to the blister pack with maximum hygiene maintained. Accurate pressure ensures prevention of detachment of foil pieces from the blister, with zero damage to the valuable product.

Special Features:

  • Fully automated - automatic feed and automatic product separation from rejected blister.
  • Compliant with cGMP norms.
  • Universal type de-blistering machine, suitable for various types of blister packs.
  • Compact design, with wheels for ease of maneuvering.
  • Ensures 100% recovery without damaging the product.
  • Capacity of 25 to 30 blisters per minute.
  • Easy to operate, user friendly.
  • Automatic product separation from rejected blisters.
  • Collection tray for recovered product.
  • All the contact parts in SS 316 & non-contact parts in SS 304.
  • Provided with a fault-indicating system.
  • Easy cleaning, hygienic, maintenance-free - changeover under 15 to 20 mins..
  • In-line and off-set capability.
  • Power Supply 230 V, 50 Hz AC Single Phase
  • Drive 1/8 HP
  • Motor 1 HP, Geared Motor
  • Dimension (L) 960 x (W) 600 x (H) 1570 mm
  • Blister packs and types All, PVC/ALU & ALU/ALU
  • User interface 7" HMI touch screen
  • Speed Variable - upto 30 to 40 per min.
  • Air 4-6 bar
  • Weight 175 kg (approx).

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To place user-friendly automated systems for the inspection activities in the operation lines of the global pharmaceutical and food industry - that serve for generations, in the establishments.