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Tablet & Capsule Inspection System Standard

The Tablet & Capsule Inspection Machine is one of the best options to ensure rejection of defective tablets and capsules before leaving the manufacturing area, and only the best quality tablets and capsules get picked for being packed and delivered to the customer.

Special Features

  • CE Certified design with all Electrical Safety Compliances.
  • Compact design and all contact parts in SS 316 to meet cGMP guidelines.
  • No change parts required for various shapes and sizes of tablets / capsules.
  • Specially designed technique for 360 deg rotation of products.
  • Adequately illuminated inspection zone for easy and strain free inspection.
  • Very easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • Food grade material used for plastic and rubber components.
  • Maintenance-free components used to minimize the downtime and maximize the output.
  • Quick and efficient cleaning with standard cleaning agents.
  • Combi machine suitable for tablets and capsules.
  • Inspection product: Tablets & capsules (hard / soft gelatine)
  • Inspection speed: up to 100000 product / hour
  • Electrical supply: 100 - 230V single phase 50 / 60 Hz
  • Compressed air: 4 bar
  • Dimensions: 1900mm x 1050mm x 2140mm height
  • Weight: 950 kg.
  • Construction: SS304, product contact parts in SS316 / FDA approved food-grade material

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    To place user-friendly automated systems for the inspection activities in the operation lines of the global pharmaceutical and food industry - that serve for generations, in the establishments.