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Die & Punch Cabinet

Die & Punch Cabinet Vertical

QUNO range of die & punch cabinets facilitates the easy, systematic and safe storage of a large number of dies and punches.

Keeping an accurate inventory of tooling has been simplified with QUNO range of die & punch cabinets.The sophisticated design and quality of the make allows the storage of large quantities of dies and punches systematically and safely, taking utmost care of each and every punch tip.

A combination of desired number of drawers can be provided.

Special Features:

  • Smoothly operating 10 drawers for convenience of space.
  • Crates designed to keep the punches vertically.
  • Made entirely of stainless steel.
  • Nylon covers for every punch to avoid tip damage.

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To place user-friendly automated systems for the inspection activities in the operation lines of the global pharmaceutical and food industry - that serve for generations, in the establishments.